Friday, July 22, 2016

Malibu Jacks

Malibu jacks was super fun tonight, I had an amazing time. It was hands down one of the best activities we have done. I got to dominate laser tag and air hockey, I also went go karting like 4 times. I am honesty exhausted. The car ride there was tense, while the ride back was pretty lit, I feel more bonded with my LLC group.

I'm also sick again, I think it's due to my allergies though, but either way I get more sick in he summer than the winter.

Today at lunch was also pretty cool, I feel more connected with the friends I've made here.

It is going on to the next week, meaning the end is near, just thinking about it makes me sad because I don't wanna leave the people that are here, they're my family.

Colt, Casey, Makayla and Taylor at lunch today

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